Strategic Analysis of the Indian Trailer Market

The World Bus & Coach Manufacturing Industry

Date published: November 28, 2016

Edition: Second

Format: PDF with online access

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According to Race Innovations, the Indian trailer market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.5% over the period from 2016 to 2020 with an anticipated production of some 71,249 units in 2020 from 52,468 in 2016. Race predicts the the number of trailer builders to consolidate as it becomes more organised with the enforcement of the stringent regulations through the new trailer body code and GST implementation in 2017. A distinct shift in applications (vehicle type) is expected; moving away from open cargo bodies to closed cargo bodies - a trend that is being driven by the needs of the end user. 

Demand for product quality, testing standard compliance and regulatory enforcement is expected to drive the industry towards higher technical standards thereby opening up the market more to producers of more technically advanced equipment from overseas.  

This report reviews the micro and macro trends in the trailer market in India and provides forecasts to 2020. It considers the key drivers and restraints influencing development of the market and includes a review of the statutory regulations and proposed amendments to those regulations that may be implemented during the forecast period. The report also provides details about the trailer builders within the organised sector, including sales and market shares.


  1. Market Overview
    1. Research Methodology
    2. Research Scope and Objectives
    3. Market Segmentation and Market Definitions
    4. Statutory Regulations and Legal Framework
  2. Market Trend Analysis
    1. Market Drivers and Restraints
    2. Market Drivers Explained
    3. Market Restraints Explained
    4. Macro - Drivers
    5. A Snapsot on Container Traffic
    6. A Case Study on Flatbed Trailers
    7. Mining Index and Mapping
    8. Is Fully Built Vehicles (FBV) the Trend in the Market?
    9. Technological Trend Cycle
  3. Indian Trailer Market
    1. Total Trailer Volumes Forecast
      1. Segmental Analysis - Open, Closed, Tip-trailers, Tankers, Bulker
  4. Product Overview
    1. General Assembly Drawings
    2. Segment-wise Technical Specifications
    3. Semi-trailer Pricing Trends
  5. Competitive Structure
    1. Organized vs. Unorganized Players
    2. Small and Medium Sized Body Builders
    3. Large Body Builders
    4. Large Body Builders Product Portfolio
  6. Conclusion
  7. Annexure