Truck & Bus Builder CHINA - Temporarily Suspended

Truck & Bus Builder CHINA

Truck & Bus Builder CHINA (T&BB CHINA) was first published in July 2007 and is a quarterly supplement to Truck & Bus Builder (T&BB).   The aim of this publication is to report on commercial vehicle manufacturing developments in China, a burgeoning industry sector that is now rivaling those of western Europe and North America.  China, in heavy bus terms, is three times the size of the whole western European market and the medium to heavy truck market is more than double and growing.

T&BB CHINA highlights and tracks the key commercial vehicle manufacturing developments occurring within China and reviews economic, cultural and legislative influences that are impacting on this sector.

T&BB CHINA is published in hard copy and electronically.  It is included in an annual subscription to T&BB but can be purchased separately as an annual subscription of four quarterly issues.