Dedicated to gas: Volvo’s LNG strategy in the UK

By Bradley Osborne - 17th January 2022

Dedicated to gas: Volvo’s LNG strategy in the UK

FH LNG truck showcased at Freight in the City at Alexandra Palace, London in November 2018 

UK / Sweden – Natural gas often features very little, if at all, in current discussions of possible alternatives to the diesel combustion engine – perhaps, some might say, with good reason. Much of the natural gas available today – from the UK and elsewhere – is, like oil, sourced from non-renewable fossilised deposits; when burned as a fuel, it emits greenhouse gases, again like oil and its derivatives. Immediately, this alternative fuel sounds not at all like an “alternative” to diesel – that is to say, something which could finally end the automotive industry’s reliance on a fuel source which is not renewable, and which is deleterious to the environment. 

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