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EV incentives not going far or fast enough, says Bedeo CEO

By Will Hall – 24th May 2022

Osman Boyner, CEO and founder of London-based electric powertrain developer BEDEO, has stated that he believes EV incentives are too focused on passenger cars and must be adjusted to focus on the commercial vehicle sector if governments want to make meaningful change.


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Hydrogen’s piece in the HGV decarbonisation puzzle – a white paper by Haskel International

By Will Hall – 1st May 2022

Compression system specialist Haskel International, a subsidiary of Ingersoll Rand, based in Sunderland, UK, has released a white paper stating the firm’s outlook towards hydrogen fuel and its role in decarbonising heavy goods vehicles. In the report, Haskel examines hydrogen infrastructure funding and global projects that are currently underway.


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South Korean government supports hydrogen fuel-cell truck development with trials of five hydrogen fuel cell trucks

By Will Pulson – 7th March 2022


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Policy recommendations on electric trucks put forward to Australian federal and state governments

By Bradley Osborne – 8th March 2022


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UK Highway Code puts increased responsibility on HGV drivers

By Will Hall – 25th March 2022


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