Sany and in self-driving truck JV

By Will Pulson - 6th August 2022

Sany and in self-driving truck JV

China / USA - Autonomous driving technology start-up of Fremont, California, USA, has announced it plans to establish a joint venture with Sany Heavy Truck Company of Changsha, Hunan province, to develop and sell Level 4 (L4) autonomous trucks for general goods transportation.

The joint venture plans to start small-scale deliveries of L4 self-driving trucks by the end of 2022, which can operate without human input in most road conditions, to further hone its technologies ahead of mass production in 2024. The company said annual production is expected to exceed 10,000 units within a few years, including trucks built on new energy vehicle (NEV) and conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) platforms. The focus will be on increasing the NEV mix in the future.

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