Volvo leads the renewal of São Paulo's city bus fleet in 2022


By Jim Gibbins - 15th September 2022

Volvo leads the renewal of São Paulo's city bus fleet in 2022

Volvo B250RLE city bus chassis with Caio Millenium body in São Paulo

Brazil - With the sale of over 205 chassis, Volvo Buses Latin America Ltda of Curitiba, Paraná State, in the first half of this year sold 205 bus chassis to public transport operators in São Paulo. This volume, which was sold by Volvo’s dealership in São Paulo, Auto Sueco, represented approximately 70% of the standard models acquired by companies operating in the largest urban bus system in Latin America in the period. The number is some seven times greater than Volvo's historic share of deliveries to the city. All units were the Volvo B250RLE model, equipped with the Volvo 8-litre electronically controlled engine, delivering up to 250hp of power and 950Nm of torque. It is fitted with ECAS, disc brakes all round, generation five electronic braking (EBS5), plus a complete connectivity package via Volvo Connect, Volvo's fleet management system.

Paulo Arabian, commercial director of Volvo Buses in Brazil, said: “This sales volume is a recognition of the quality of the product and services we offer. It is a large number and is very significant, because the São Paulo market is extremely competitive.”

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