European Commission releases proposal for Euro 7/VII emission standards


By Bradley Osborne - 15th November 2022

European Commission releases proposal for Euro 7/VII emission standards

Belgium – The European Commission, the executive body of the European Union based in Brussels, Belgium, published its proposal for new pollutant emission standards for automotives, known as Euro 7/VII, which are set to come into effect for cars and vans on 1 July 2025 and for trucks and buses on 1 July 2027. (See table below.) 

The proposed measures aim to bring down emissions from the tailpipe as well as from brakes and tyres. The EC claims the new rules simplify the Euro 6/VI regulations which they will replace. Euro VII will set limits for nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions from heavy-duty vehicles for the first time. In addition, Euro 7/VII will extend the duration of compliance for new vehicles: cars and vans will be checked until they are 10 years old and have covered 200,000 kilometres, doubling the durability requirements under the existing rules; similar increases are to be expected for buses and trucks. All vehicles, including electric, will need to comply with brake and tyre emissions limits. 

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