European Union to extend VECTO compliance to trailers and buses


By Bradley Osborne - 24th November 2022

European Union to extend VECTO compliance to trailers and buses

Belgium – In summer 2022, the European Union published two amendments to its existing regulations concerning the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of heavy-duty vehicles, extending compliance to trailers, semi-trailers, medium trucks and buses and coaches. 

Some N2 and all N3 category vehicles – that is to say, goods carrying vehicles between 3.5 and 12 tonnes and those over 12 tonnes, respectively – must have their fuel consumption and emission levels measured by the Vehicle Energy Consumption Calculation Tool (VECTO), as per EU regulation no. 2017/2400. On August 5, the EC passed 2022/1362 which extended this requirement to O3 and O4 category trailers – namely, trailers with a maximum mass between 3.5 tonnes and 10 tonnes and exceeding 10 tonnes, respectively. These include 1- to 3-axle semi-trailers, as well as central axle and turntable trailers – box trailers and curtainsiders. 

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