HVS launches hydrogen-electric heavy goods vehicle technology demonstrator at UK CV show


By Luke Willetts - 22nd May 2023

HVS launches hydrogen-electric heavy goods vehicle technology demonstrator at UK CV show

Launch of the HVS hydrogen-electric 40-tonne truck at the CV show

UK – Formed in 2017, Glasgow-based start-up manufacturer, Hydrogen Vehicle Systems Ltd (HVS), launched the UK’s first hydrogen-electric 40-tonne Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) technology demonstrator model at the recent Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham from the 18th – 20th of April. Designed for long-distance transport haulage, the company says the articulated tractor unit can travel up to 370 miles (595km) per refuel, with a refilling time of just 15 - 20 minutes. Further vehicle development is currently being undertaken at Horiba MIRA in Nuneaton, Warwickshire. HVS has said in no uncertain terms, that its objective is to be the first UK-designed and developed hydrogen-electric HGV on the market, and with the recent financial backing of the EG group, they just might get there.

T&BB had the opportunity to sit down with Pete Clarke, engineering director at HVS, to outline the company’s outlook and plan to disrupt the commercial haulage industry. In terms of immediate plans, the company has been expanding its staff complement by hiring industry specialists, in the automotive, energy, hydrogen technology, power electronics, sustainability and environmental management fields in order to meet production deadlines. Pre-series production is anticipated to start at the beginning of 2025, with production being ramped up in late 2025 for UK customers. Discussions are on going with contract manufacturers in the UK.

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