Advanced Electric Machines and Adgero partner


By Luke Willetts - 12th June 2024

Advanced Electric Machines and Adgero partner

AEM’s HDSRM300 series

UKAdvanced Electric Machines Ltd (AEM) based in Washington, UK, a spin-off from Newcastle University's electric motor research team, has a working relationship with Adgero UK Ltd, a young startup, based in Hampshire, UK, which provides electric hybridisation solutions for trucks. At the CV show, AEM showcased its HDSRM300 motor in Adgero’s retrofit kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) solution. Designed for truck operators, this system combines AEM electric motors with ultracapacitors and heavy-duty power electronics, offering a bolt-in retrofit solution to hybridise existing combustion vehicles.

The emotors use no rare earth metals and the motors are entirely recyclable, AEM claims. It also says that due to its unique and patented technology, the HDSRM300 series, which has been designed for CV applications, offers all the performance and efficiency benefits of a conventional permanent magnet motor without their considerable environmental drawbacks. This means they do not require the mining of materials such as neodymium and dysprosium that have significant environmental impacts both locally and globally. This is undoubtedly the company’s unique selling point (USP).  

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