Consortium establishes Deltabus to join European ebus market


By Jim Gibbins - 1st November 2019

Austria / Belgium - Busworld newcomer, Deltabus of Ternitz, Austria, an electric bus builder, has been developed by a consortium of 'Green Economy Investors’ and technology leaders in the public transport sector. The body building expertise within the consortium is being provided by Bakulin Motor Group* (Volgabus). Other members are said to be similar renowned producers of batteries, electric motors and other components from Italy, Austria, France, Russia, Israel and Germany.

Presented at Busworld was the Mark E, a 12m electric city bus with overnight charging of lithium metal-polymer batteries which are claimed to deliver an impressive driving range, autonomy and an attractive price. Life expectancy is said to be at least 10 years. All onboard systems are electrically operated, including door activation and vehicle steering.

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