SoCalGas to test technology for transforming hydrogen distribution

By Jim Gibbins - 5th February 2021

USA / The Netherlands - Southern California Gas Co (SoCalGas) of Los Angeles, USA is to field test a new technology which can simultaneously separate and compress hydrogen from a blend of hydrogen and natural gas. At scale, the technology would allow hydrogen to be easily and affordably transported via the natural gas pipeline system, then extracted and compressed at fuelling stations providing hydrogen for fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs).

Created by Netherlands-based HyET Hydrogen of Arnhem, the technology is designed to provide pure highly-compressed hydrogen wherever a natural gas distribution system exists. SoCalGas also recently announced a programme to study blending hydrogen into its natural gas pipelines. If approved by regulators, the programme would be the first step toward establishing a state-wide standard for injecting hydrogen into the natural gas grid.

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