ZF Brasil bringing intelligent braking platform (iEBS) to Latin America

By Jose Secco - 2nd August 2022

ZF Brasil bringing intelligent braking platform (iEBS) to Latin America

ZF's intelligent Electronic Braking System (iEBS)

Brazil - The last quarter this year, ZF do Brasil Ltda of Sorocaba is to launch iEBS, its intelligent trailer braking platform to bring greater stability, increased safety and operational efficiency of semi-trailers and tractor-trailer combinations to South America.

Silvio Furtado, Director of Solutions for Commercial Vehicles and Industrial Technology at ZF South America, pointing out that ZF is bringing iEBS ahead of mandatory legislation requirements, said:

“The new solution is the evolution of the EBS (Electronic Braking System) and is already widely used in the most modern trucks in Europe.”

“The new generation brings an intelligent module, which makes the system easier to install during assembly with fewer valves, pipes and connections; which is directly reflected in the simplification and reduction of maintenance costs.”

Furtado continued: “In addition to its primary function of safely controlling the stability of the set {combination tractor-trailer}, the fleet owner can count on real-time information on everything that happens with the trailer. It is possible, among many other features, to check the temperature and pressure of the tyres, remotely obtain the exact location of the equipment, in addition to optimizing the packaging of the load, monitoring the weight on each axle.”

iEBS operates with the same efficiency whether the trailer is fitted with drum and disc brakes or mechanical or pneumatic suspension. ZF states its engineering team in Brazil has carried out many kilometres of tests throughout the country, in the most diverse of conditions in terms of topography, climate and types of road surface (paving). It has now undertaken all the necessary technical adjustments of the product and it is now ready for market.

iEBS works to prevent accidents, and when activated it acts in milliseconds to ensure road stability of the semi-trailer. Through the on-board sensing and intelligence system, it acts instantaneously to identify any irregularity during the journey and to brake each wheel with the right amount of force to keep the vehicle stable.

ZF makes three versions of the intelligent electronic brake system, namely iEBS Basic, iEBS Standard and iEBS Premium. iEBS provide array of data and operations in real time, so not only severe braking incidences are reported but also when linked with ZF’s TX TrailerPulse telematics package (see below), it can provide fleet operators with a range of fleet management services. With iEBS Premium there are more than 40 functions available to optimize fleet management.

The new iEBS options will be easily visible to the customer by using colour coding; the covers with Basic being black, Standard being blue and Premium being green. This has been to make the system options clear and universally understood across the world.

Retrofit installation available

iEBS can also be installed on semi-trailers, already in operation, as a retrofit. The cables are identical for EBS and iEBS, which allows the work to be carried out in any ZF approved workshop. It also brings installation convenience to trailer OEM production lines.

TX Trailer Pulse – Next-Gen open telemetry

TX Trailer Pulse is a robust trailer telematics system designed to capture the maximum amount of data on semi-trailers with limited electronics that supplies real-time location and rich EBS data to the fleet manager’s TX-CONNECT back office software platform. Built on data collected from the trailer T-EBS system and TX-TRAILERPULSE, the web-based TX-TRAILERFIT portal provides insights into the technical performance and health state of each trailer.

TX Trailer Pulse is an open system, ready to be used throughout Brazil and South America, Furtado states. Furthermore, considering the dynamics of road freight transport in Brazil, monitoring each semi-trailer (generally towed by different vehicles) is essential for fleet owners seeking greater profitability in logistics operations, Furtado added.

“ZF's intelligent solutions specially developed for trailers are numerous and go beyond brake and suspension systems. The portfolio involves several technologies created to bring more profitability to operations and safety for people and cargo in warehouses, streets and roads. Examples include aerodynamic systems that reduce fuel consumption, electronic door locking system, which can be accessed remotely, temperature and tire pressure sensors, among several other technologies.”