New Flyer launches next-gen range-extended electric buses


By Bradley Osborne - 17th September 2022

New Flyer launches next-gen range-extended electric buses

The Xcelsior CHARGE FC by New Flyer

CanadaNew Flyer Industries Canada ULC, a subsidiary of the NFI Group based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, has launched a new generation of fuel-cell range-extended buses for the North American market. 

The ‘Xcelsior CHARGE FC’ succeeds the ‘CHARGE H2’ range which New Flyer released in 2019 and is fitted with next-generation parts to improve vehicle performance. The ‘FCMove-HD+’, the newest fuel cell power module from Ballard, has a more compact and robust design, providing a longer life and lowering associated maintenance costs. It is lighter than previous iterations, with 50% fewer subcomponents. The bus is refuelled with hydrogen in 6-20 minutes, providing on-board charging for the battery system and extending the range: the new CHARGE FC has a range of over 370 miles, considerably higher than the up-to-251-mile range of the manufacturer’s newest battery-electric range, ‘CHARGE NG’. 

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