Jakarta to switch bus fleet to battery power by 2030


By Will Pulson - 13th October 2022

Jakarta to switch bus fleet to battery power by 2030

Equipmake products for electrification of buses

Indonesia - Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta, has announced it aims to switch its entire fleet of public transport buses to battery power by 2030, from the current fleet in operation, which are mostly powered using internal combustion engines (ICE), according to a public statement made in August by the Jakarta provincial government.

Ahmad Riza Patria, Jakarta Deputy Governor, in the statement, confirmed “the goal is to have all public buses in Jakarta operate using electric power by 2030.” He said that bus fleets in major cities around the world were already transitioning to electric power, adding “Jakarta, as a global city, should be able to do it and must be able to do it”. So far just 30 electric buses operate in Jakarta, out of a fleet of some 3,500 medium and large buses.

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