EU Commission propose new CO2 emissions targets for 2030


By Luke Willetts - 6th March 2023

EU Commission propose new CO2 emissions targets for 2030

Belgium – February 2023 saw the European Commission propose new CO2 emissions targets for new heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) from 2030 onwards, in order to incentivise zero-emission vehicles as part of the European Green Deal. Compared with 2019 emissions levels, the Commission proposes a mandatory 45% emissions reduction from 2030, a 65% emission reduction from 2035 and a 90% emissions reduction on all heavy-duty vehicles from 2040. The proposal aims to increase the air quality and overall health in cities and drive down the demand, price and use of fossil fuels.

ACEA* has made some calculations, claiming that in order to meet the 45% reduction by 2030, more than 400,000 zero-emission trucks must become operational in Europe, which would require over 50,000 charging stations and 700 hydrogen refilling stations, infrastructure which still needs to be built. ACEA has decided to analyse the proposal in greater detail and liaise with various industry stakeholders before tabling a more detailed response.

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