India: High demand for heavy-duty tractors of 55t gcw sees production double in Q3 of FY22-23


By Rajesh Khanna - 16th March 2023

India - Tractor sales during the third quarter (October to December) of FY 2022-23 almost doubled (up by 96.5%) to register 13,578 units compared with 6,910 units in the same quarter of the previous year (FY 2021-22). Tractor production increased by 101.1% overall from 6,822 units to 13,717 units, but export sales declined by 50%.

The light-weight tractor (26.4 tons < GVW ≤ 40 tons) segment saw sales rise by 95.4% to 1,364 units in the Q3 of FY 2022-23 from 698 units in the Q3 of FY 2021-22. Production increased by 105.5% but export sales declined by 36.1%.

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