Blue Bird receives record order for 180 electric school buses


By Luke Willetts - 9th February 2024

Blue Bird receives record order for 180 electric school buses

Blue Bird All American Electric School Bus

USA  – Late last month, American school bus manufacturer, Blue Bird Corp, based in Macon, Georgia, received a record order for 180 electric school buses from the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), which aims to shift to zero-emission student transportation. The delivery is expected to start in October 2024 and conclude by the end of 2025. The order includes 150 All-American and 30 Vision model buses, both have a range of 210 km (130 miles) on a single charge. According to Blue Bird, depending on LAUSD’s charging infrastructure, the buses could take anywhere between 3 – 8 hours to fully charge.

Blue Bird electric buses come standard with vehicle-to-grid (V2G) capability. This bi-directional charging technology will allow LAUSD to sell excess energy stored in school bus batteries back to electric power companies. In addition, V2G programs help balance demands on the grid and improve grid resiliency.

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