Thermo King and Range Energy announce partnership on reefers powered by electric axles


By Bradley Osborne - 27th May 2024

USAThermo King Corporation of Bloomington, Minnesota is partnering with Range Energy Inc of Mountain View, California to offer refrigerated trailers to customers in the Americas which are powered – wholly or in part – by electric axles.

Through this partnership, Thermo King will develop reefers which will be installed with Range’s electric axle and energy storage system. While the trailer is in motion, the axle generates up to 350 kW of power and 14,000 Nm of torque; this energy is then stored in a battery system with a capacity of up to 200 kWh. The stored energy provides power for the trailer refrigeration unit: depending on the configuration, the unit is powered entirely by electricity or by a combination of electric and diesel.

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