ZF developing new Collison Mitigation System for city buses

By Bradley Osborne - 18th May 2022

ZF developing new Collison Mitigation System for city buses

Diagram demonstrating use of ZF's Collision Mitigation System for city buses

GermanyZF Friedrichshafen AG of Friedrichshafen, Baden-Württemberg has announced that its Commercial Vehicle Solutions (CVS) division is developing a ‘Collision Mitigation System’ (CMS) which is designed specifically for use in city buses. The product is intended to prevent head-on collisions while also safeguarding passengers from the adverse effects of sudden and hard braking.  

The CMS product is an adaptation of ZF’s existing advanced driver assistance system for heavy trucks, OnGuardMAX, employing features tailored to urban transit applications. The system leverages both visual data and radar to assess the vehicle’s surroundings and identify possible hazards ahead of it. If an impending collision is detected, the system will issue a Forward Collision Warning and automatically apply the brakes. 

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