Transport Canada launches incentive programme for medium to heavy electric vehicles

By Bradley Osborne - 2nd August 2022

CanadaTransport Canada, the federal department responsible for transportation regulations and policymaking, has launched a new four-year incentive scheme offering up to CAD550m to purchasers of new medium- and heavy-duty zero emission vehicles (subject to eligibility). 

The ‘Incentives for Medium- and Heavy-duty Zero-Emission Vehicles’ (iMHZEV) programme will offer a point-of-sale discount to Canadian businesses who purchase or lease (for a minimum of 12 months) an eligible vehicle. The vehicle must produce zero emissions at the tailpipe and bear a gross vehicle weight rating of over 8,500 lbs. The incentives offered include up to CAD10,000 for Class 2B utility and step vans, to a maximum of CAD200,000 for a Class 7/8 coach. Other eligible vehicles include vocational on-road trucks (such as waste collection vehicles) and terminal tractors. Vehicle types which are generally excluded from the programme include transit buses, school buses, recreational vehicles, and off-road vehicles. 

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