Peter Vaughan Schmidt to replace Michael Fleming as CEO of Torc Robotics

By Bradley Osborne - 6th September 2022

Peter Vaughan Schmidt to replace Michael Fleming as CEO of Torc Robotics

Dr Peter Vaughan Schmidt, prospective CEO of Torc Robotics

USATorc Robotics Inc, an autonomous tech company and subsidiary of Daimler Truck based in Blacksburg, Virginia, has announced that Dr Peter Vaughan Schmidt will take over as Chief Executive Officer on 1 October from incumbent CEO and company founder, Michael Fleming. 

Schmidt will leave his current role as head of the autonomous technology division at Daimler Truck to join Torc Robotics, whose acquisition by Daimler Truck in 2019 was chiefly orchestrated by him. He has worked at Daimler in a variety of management roles since 2005, prior to which he served as a consultant at McKinsey & Company for the automotive industry. Schmidt will be responsible for bringing Torc Robotics’ autonomous driving technology to series production and establishing the firm as a global supplier. 

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