Westport and Scania report 51.5% brake thermal efficiency in diesel engine with hydrogen direct injection fuel system


By Bradley Osborne - 9th November 2022

Sweden / CanadaScania AB of Södertälje, Sweden and Westport Fuel Systems Inc of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada recently announced engine test results for Westport’s hydrogen direct injection system, reporting a peak brake thermal efficiency of 51.5%. 

The joint demonstration programme, announced by the two companies back in 2021, applied Westport’s ‘H2 HPDI*’ fuel system to Scania’s 13-litre ‘CBE1’ diesel engine platform, which is designed to adhere to proposed Euro VII emissions standards. The engine, running on hydrogen, achieved a peak brake thermal efficiency of 51.5%, compared to a 50% diesel baseline, and 48.7% efficiency at road load conditions. These figures were achieved with engine-out NOx similar to the base diesel engine, according to Westport. 

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