Forsee to supply battery systems for Hyliko’s hydrogen-powered trucks


By Luke Willetts - 13th January 2023

Forsee to supply battery systems for Hyliko’s hydrogen-powered trucks

Rendering of Hyliko H2 fuel cell trucks at a refuelling station.

France – Smart battery systems supplier, Forsee Power SAS of Paris, France, will supply fellow Parisian company, Hyliko SAS with its first hydrogen-powered heavy-duty vehicle battery system, the PULSE 2.5 providing a total output of 60.7 kWh. Hyliko produces hydrogen trucks, maintains the fleet and provides green hydrogen produced from biomass and distributed via its network of refuelling stations across France.

Hyliko claims that the Forsee Power's PULSE 2.5 modules have a better usage performance and are slimmer compared with rival battery systems, which frees up space for the integration of fuel cells and hydrogen tanks, which will be mounted on both of Hyliko’s two hydrogen truck offerings: a 44t tractor and a 26t rigid truck (in 6x2 and 6x4 configurations), with the first deliveries set for September 2023.

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