Torc Robotics to use Foretellix platform for simulated testing of autonomous driving software


By Bradley Osborne - 17th January 2023

USA / IsraelTorc Robotics Inc, a subsidiary of Daimler Truck based in Blacksburg, Virginia, USA, has announced a multi-year partnership with Foretellix Ltd of Tel Aviv, Israel which would allow Torc Robotics to use Foretellix’s proprietary platform for simulated testing of its autonomous driving software. 

Foretellix’s primary product is a digital platform called ‘Foretify’, which it claims allows for rigorous and scalable testing of autonomous driving software through “millions” of driving scenarios. Torc Robotics will use a specific package for Level-4 automated highway trucking, called ‘V-Suites’, which includes scenarios, test plans, map data, and key performance indicators. Foretellix asserts that its product helps clients to bring down development costs and time to market without compromising on safety testing. 

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