Nikola to shut down Romeo Power battery production in California


By Bradley Osborne - 25th January 2023

Nikola to shut down Romeo Power battery production in California

Nikola facility in Coolidge, Arizona

USANikola Corporation, a manufacturer of zero-emission trucks based in Phoenix, Arizona, has announced it will be closing subsidiary Romeo Power Inc’s battery plant in Cypress, California. Future battery production under Nikola will take place instead at its facility in Coolidge, Arizona. 

Nikola announced its acquisition of Romeo Power last year, closing on October 2022. Production will continue at Cypress until the end of the second quarter of 2023, at which time Nikola hopes to bring battery production at Coolidge online. Nikola has not stated whether any Romeo Power staff will be laid off in the transfer from California to Arizona. However, it has said that a “battery engineering presence” will remain in California at a separate facility, focusing on research and development. 

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