MAN launches sales of its long distance electric trucks


By Bradley Osborne - 20th November 2023

MAN launches sales of its long distance electric trucks

New MAN eTruck

Germany – At the end of October, MAN Truck & Bus SE, a subsidiary of the Traton Group based in Munich, Bavaria, announced the beginning of sales for its upcoming line of battery electric trucks for heavy-duty long haul operations. 

The ‘eTGX’ and ‘eTGS’ are a continuation of the longstanding TG-range of trucks, with electric drivelines that will reportedly deliver up to 800 kilometres of range. (MAN’s ambition is to eventually extend the range to 1,000 kilometres.) Six battery packs, offering NMC chemistry with a total capacity of 480 kWh, are placed in pairs under the truck cab and on each side of the vehicle frame. Customers have the option of going down to three, four, or five packs in order to shed up to 2.4 metric tons from the total vehicle weight.

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