BRIST announces new front independent axle for the e-bus market


By Luke Willetts - 10th February 2024

BRIST announces new front independent axle for the e-bus market

BRIST Front Independent Axle

ItalyBRIST Axle Systems Srl of Montichiari, Italy, a producer of axles, suspensions and gearboxes launched the new 9-ton front independent axle for e-buses, with series production expected in 2025. The product prototype initially debuted last year at the Busworld Europe Expo in Brussels. The front independent axle aims to increase the efficiency, balance and structure of electric vehicles.

According to BRIST this new product is a capable variant of the BRIST-made IFS, which is based on patented T-joint carrier geometry and has a capacity for 9 tons. Its compact design in the vertical direction is complemented by a low spring position and a maximum steering angle of 56°. Large spring points reduce the need for an anti-roll bar. BRIST claims that it is 6% lighter than competitors, thanks to savings of 30 kg. Series production is expected to begin in 2025.

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