Canoo purchases Arrival machinery


By Luke Willetts - 29th April 2024

Canoo purchases Arrival machinery

Canoo EVs making a splash at the 2024 CV show at the NEC in Birmingham

USA / UK – Earlier this month at the Commercial Vehicle Show at the NEC in Birmingham, T&BB spoke to Greg Ethridge, the Chief Financial Officer of American EV manufacturer, Canoo Inc based in Torrance, California, who confirmed that the company had indeed purchased manufacturing assets (robotics and machinery equipment) from now defunct, Arrival Ltd of London, UK. Importantly, none of the vehicle designs or patents have been purchased - it is purely assets, which are believed to have been bought and delivered to the facility in Bicester Oxfordshire. The manufacturing assets are set to be shipped by sea to the Canoo manufacturing facility in Oklahoma City, in the U.S. Ethridge confirmed that they were the only bidder and purchased the equipment, often “unwrapped” at a “deep discount”. This of course reduces capital expenditure when compared to purchasing new equipment and allows Canoo to deliver its 2025 electric pickup trucks on time and at lower cost.

Arrival’s manufacturing assets included equipment supporting cabin production processes such as robots, dispensing systems, advanced control equipment, PLC controllers and equipment supporting general assembly capacity expansion such as advanced safety equipment, manipulators, high-tech dynamic vehicle testing equipment and other spare equipment parts.

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