Scania and FlixBus to run coaches on LNG and Bio-LNG


By Bradley Osborne - 3rd October 2023

Sweden / GermanyScania AB, a subsidiary of the Traton Group based in Södertälje, Sweden, has announced a long-term partnership with intercity transport operator Flix SE of Munich, Bavaria, Germany to offer coach travel powered by renewable liquefied natural gas, or “Bio-LNG”.

The first objective of the partnership is to equip up to 50 LNG coaches in the ‘FlixBus’ partner fleets.1 Scania says it is working with Spanish coachbuilder Irizar to integrate the ‘i6s Efficient’ with a Scania gas-powered chassis, with a target completion date of end-of-2025. Initially, the coaches will run on a mix of fossil LNG and Bio-LNG from organic waste. Eventually, the FlixBus coaches will be fuelled entirely by Bio-LNG. 

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