UTAC opens hot weather testing centre


By Bradley Osborne - 15th September 2023

UTAC opens hot weather testing centre

UTAC image of new test track in Morocco

France / MoroccoUTAC Group, a provider of testing services for the automotive industry based in Linas-Montlhéry, France, told T&BB it recently opened a new site near Casablanca in Morocco, jointly operated by FEV Group GmbH, for hot weather vehicle testing.

The new test centre in Oued Zem complements two cold weather sites in Finland, north of the Arctic Circle. The test tracks at the Moroccan site are 30 kilometres in length altogether. Together with customer workshops, the amenities at the new facility allow for testing parameters such as speed, durability, reliability, offroad, hill climbing, braking, and acoustics in the hot North African weather.

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